16th December 1888

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Despite eight years of working hand in glove with Holmes I still couldn’t make Holmes out from the rough working class Irishman that entered our shared rooms at baker street.

“I see she has accepted your proposal Watson” said the Irishman

I stood up and had a close look at the man in front of me. He took off his cap and ripped off his moustache.

“Holmes” I exclaimed

“How the devil are you, I swear I looked you dead in the eye and never recognized you”

” A convincing disguise has been crucial Watson,not only to achieve a successful conclusion but also to preserve my own life.  As most of the world would be wondering about my non participation in the Ripper murders, it would be a safe assumption for the criminal gangs of london to assume i was working undercover somewhere. ”

“So will you be helping the police the Ripper investigation”

“Watson the crime scenes have been contaminated with each voyeur in britain, these murders havent just brought fear to the streets of london but morbid sightseers by the coach load.  I will wait till he strikes again, then we my have a chance to look at some untainted evidence”

Holmes called Mrs Hudson for some hot water and had a much-needed bath. As Holmes was cleaning up it dawned on me that i hadn’t told him about my proposal, yet he knew she had accepted.

“Holmes” I shouted

” How did you know about my proposal to Mary?”

“You know my methods Watson..apply them”


15th December 1888

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My relationship with Miss  Mary Morstan is developing rapidly. I have never been so sure of anything in my life, it is my intention to propose marriage this very afternoon as I see no good reason to wait any longer.

I was all set to leave Barker Street when Mrs Hudson came to the door with a telegram from Holmes.

All the main ring leaders safely in the net. Expect me back in good old 221B Baker Street tomorrow afternoon


I am just as keen to tell Holmes about the new light in my life as he will be to tell me about his Irish adventures. I was not expecting Holmes to be back till early next year.  No doubt the Ripper murders have added much haste,  he will be very eager to be back in london at this time.

As for now i have a woman waiting and a proposal to make.

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9th December 1888

With the whole of London under the shadow of fear created by the ‘Jack the Ripper’ murders. Holmes has been working under cover in Ireland doing important work infiltrating Fenian gangs at the request of his brother Mycroft.

Holmes has been so engrossed in his current work, playing the part of  an Irish cobbler.  I hadn’t heard from Holmes for at least four months, then news of the Whitechapel murders reached Ireland. I received a telegram:

Tell Inspector Abberline to look for an American medical man

Yours SH

It would seem Holmes even when working deep undercover can’t ignore the Ripper Case.  He spends so much of his time bored waiting for an engrossing case then two come at the same time.  Holmes will no doubt see his current commission though but I think he would much rather be here in London hunting down Jack the Ripper.

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